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Here is the ltest and greatest. ChimeIn is easy to use on Android. Once installed, you find ChimeIn in the Share menu of your browser. Click on it and start your discussion. You can switch between the page and the posts using the button in the top left corner.

W3C standardizes web annotations

The W3C Web Annotation Working Group is chartered to develop a set of specifications for an interoperable, sharable, distributed Web Annotation architecture.
Annotation, the act of creating associations between distinct pieces of information, is a widespread activity online in many guises but currently lacks a structured approach. People comment about online resources using tools built into the hosting web site, external web services, or the functionality of an annotation client. When reading eBooks, people make use the tools provided by reading systems to add and share their thoughts or highlight portions of texts. Comments about photos, videos, and audio tracks, questions or clarifications about data, maps, and social media posts or mentions are all forms of annotation. However, annotation currently lacks a structured approach. Comments are siloed inside the blog or comment system hosted and controlled by the publisher of the original document, or inside an eBook reader. They aren’t readily available for syndication or aggregation, and it’s difficult to find more comments by an insightful author if they are scattered around different places on the web.
Today W3C published a Workshop summary with links to slides, videos, and position papers.

How bloggers use ChimeIn to place their baits

ChimeIn is a communication layer that allows people get into a dialog on any web page. This exchange of opinions is like having a Facebook Wall on each and every web page of the world.
A wall is real estate, it can be used to express opinions, but also promote our web pages, blog posts or brands. While ChimeIn notes are limited to a 1000 characters, an entry on an car manufacturer's home page can contain a link to a car blog.
Bloggers know that by writing meaningful and constructive notes on relevant pages using ChimeIn will pull ChimeIn users to their blogs. The notes will also get into the ChimeIn Newsletter, so those who have not opened ChimeIn on this page will still get their links.
The advantage of using ChimeIn to promote a blog is that the links can be placed on many relevant web sites that potential readers visit. No need to design banners and pay for clicks, only short and intriguing content and a link.

Why you should let your audience talk about your brand

Millennials Trust User-Generated Content 50% More Than Other Media

When it comes to trust, it turns out, millennials almost always choose their peers over professionals. If you can't fight it, you should propagate it. Let your audience express their opinions right on your web site and be part of the conversation. It's the only way to build their trust, turn around their doubts and feed their enthusiasm.

How to install ChimeIn on iPhone and iPad

Comment any web page using ChimeIn from ChimeIn on Vimeo.

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